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As a General Practitioner you will be fully aware of the impact a long term illness or disability can have on a individual and their family.  A Permanent Health Insurance policy (Income Protection) insures your income when you are unable to work due to sickness and/or accident and provides you with a "tax-free" income up to a specified age or early retirement (due to ill health).  You can insure up to approximately 60% of your income, although this can vary between insurers.  The reason behind obtaining a PHI policy is usually to be able to maintain your lifestyle, as commitments build up the older you get.

You decide how long you wait before the policy pays out - this should coincide with any other short term policy you may have, such as Locum Insurance in order to reduce the premiums involved.  It is not usually advisable to use a long term income protection policy for Locum Insurance cover.  It is important that the cover pays out when you are unable to carry out your own occupation rather than any occupation!

Variations of the Permanent Health Insurance (Income Protection) cover available:

  • Level or increasing benefit options
  • Guaranteed or reviewable premiums
  • Own Occupation, Any Occupation or Work Tasks
  • Waiver of Premium option 
  • Deferred period up to 24 months
  • Guaranteed insurability option

Even if you already have an Income Protection policy in place, let us provide you with a quotation to see if you can save money.

We are able to provide quotations from a wide range of insurers and select the best cover for you as an individual. As an added bonus for our clients we discount the normal commission we would earn by a substantial amount and pass that saving directly on to you, in the form of lower monthly premiums. This offer is also available on the Life Cover we provide. To appreciate the savings you can make ask us for two quotes, one on normal commission and one on our discounted rate. It can save you hundreds of pounds a year!

Request a permanent health insurance (Income Protection) quote online or call us for free on 0800 163870 for advice.

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