Health Insurance Glossary

Impaired Risk

An insurance applicant who has pre-existing poor health or is in substandard physical condition, is engaged in dangerous activities, or has a hazardous occupation.

Inception date

The date on which an insurance or reinsurance contract comes into force

Incurral Date

The date on which health care services are provided to a covered person. The incurral date, not the date on which the insurance company pays a health care claim, is the critical date in determining health insurance benefits. For example, a health insurance company will not pay a claim for health care services incurred prior to the effective date of the health insurance coverage.


The principle according to which a person who has suffered a loss is restored (so far as possible) to the same financial position that he was in immediately prior to the loss, subject in the case of insurance to any contractual limitation as to the amount payable (the loss may be greater than the policy limit). The application of this principle is called indemnification. Most contracts of insurance are contracts of indemnity. Life insurances and personal accident insurances are not contracts of indemnity as the payments due under those contracts for loss of life or bodily injury are not based on the principle of indemnity.

Inpatient Care

Health care that you get when you stay overnight in a hospital.


A person who is insured under a contract of insurance. Where there is one insured this person may also be referred to as the policyholder.

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