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What is Locum Insurance & Absence Insurance?

Locum Insurance  and Absence Insurance from MIC provides cover for GP Partners, Managing Partners, Salaried GP's, Practice Managers and other members of staff in the event of an accident, illness or absence. There are various levels of benefit, deferred periods and cover you can select when deciding upon the locum insurance and absence insurance cover you need.

The template for Locum Insurance as you know was designed by MIC over 20 years ago and has evolved to include cover such as maternity and suspension cover as standard.  Our unique policy has been designed specifically to provide the benefit you choose in the event of accident, sickness or any of the other insured events.  We only need evidence of absence, whether this is spent on Locum costs or covering additional 'in house sessions'. It is up to you how you use the money.

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Why take out Locum Insurance & Absence Insurance?

Quite simply it provides funds for the practice to employ a Locum in the event of a member of its staff being incapacitated and unable to perform their normal duties within the practice. Alternatively you can stand the costs involved and be your own insurer – NOT RECOMMENDED.

Can I insure the full cost of employing a Locum?

Yes.  You select the weekly benefit for each insured person – the benefit you choose does not have to be the same for all.  You are able to structure benefit amounts and deferred periods to work with current contracts or partnership agreements.

Do I have to employ a Locum?

No.  Whether you go through an agency, employ a retired GP or the practice partners absorb the extra work load the Locum Insurance benefit that you chose will be paid to you in full irrespective of how you deal with the absence(s).

How can you Benefit?

  • A No Claims Bonus - if you do not claim on your insurance policy.
  • A Group Practice Discount - where 3 or more people are insured.
  • Free cover for Practice Managers - £500 per week on group policies.
  • Premiums - not based upon gender.
  • When You can apply - the minimum of paperwork and hassle.
  • Value Client Discount - If you also arrange your Surgery Insurance or Professional Indemnity with MIC.
  • Claims - your own claims assistant to help you through the tough time.
  • A Seamless Transfer - when changing to the MIC Locum Insurance & Absence Insurance from another provider.
  • Commission Sacrifice - arrange your Long Term Income Protection through MIC and benefit.

How easy is it to set up cover?

We have ensured that your cover can be set up with the minimum of paper work.  In fact we can get your Locum Insurance cover in place over the telephone.

Why choose MIC for Locum Insurance?

We have been arranging Locum Insurance for our clients since 1997, guiding them through the minefield of conditions and exclusions within policies (See real examples on our Blog of what can and what has gone wrong with Locum Insurance policies). Our suite of policies have been designed specifically towards your needs with the help of medical professionals, practice managers and experienced healthcare insurers.

We pride ourselves on first class service and expertise ensuring that you get the advice that is right for you.  When you take out a Locum Insurance policy with MIC you can be assured that it is going to be right for you now and in the future, as we continually update your Locum Insurance in line with the changing healthcare environment you work in.

Testimonial From a Practice Manager in London: I would like to recommend MIC for their Locum Insurance policy. I changed from our previous Insurance Company about 9 months ago and saved almost £4,000 on the annual premium! In addition we have had a partner off sick and they have dealt with our claim and subsequent payments extremely efficiently.

Testimonial From a Practice Manager in Lancashire: We have changed our Surgery Insurance to MIC and we have our Locum Insurance with them also. They were the cheapest and appear to be very approachable, open and honest. No experience of claims to date.


Key benefits of MIC Locum Insurance & Absence Insurance:

  • Sickness / Accident / Absence
  • 24 hour Worldwide cover
  • Stress, Anxiety & Depression
  • Guaranteed Terms (Health Protector)
  • Continuity Of Cover
  • Jury Service - ALL employees
  • Suspension & Revalidation
  • Parental Leave Cover
  • Family Emergency
  • Sports & Winter Sports Cover
  • Tax deductible premium
  • No Claims Bonus
  • Coma Benefit
  • Accidental death lump sum benefit
  • Bereavement & Compassionate leave
  • Delayed return from abroad
  • Pregnancy Related Illness
  • Retraining after permanent disablement
  • Medical Expenses
  • Nursing home / Ambulance charges
  • Phased Return To Work / Fit Note
  • Multiple Claims paid

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