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When you think of your dental indemnity cover, you probably think of the three main Medical/Dental Defence Organisations (MDO's), DPL, DDU and MDDUS.  This has been the way for many years with little option but to go with what is offered each year.  Below are few questions we are asked about Dental Indemnity / Malpractice insurance regularly and comments we have heard, so we thought we would write them down for you.


I have insurance/cover with my defence society, so what's special about this cover?

The starting point here is that you DO NOT have an insurance policy with your defence society, you are member of the mutual organisation that may provide assistance to you when requested.  This assistance is not guaranteed based upon what has occurred, but is down to the 'discretion' of the given defence society whether or not it is provided.  We provide an insurance policy that gives contractual cover and limits, regulated by an external body, the Financial Conduct Authority.  With an insurance policy you have a right of recourse if necessary, whereas with defence society membership you do not.


What's the difference between 'occurrence' and 'claims made' cover?

There are two types of cover in the medical indemnity market, 'occurrence' and 'claims made' based cover.  The membership cover provided by the defence society is currently on an occurrence basis, which means the cover is in force for the period you held it or were a member.  Claims made cover is how most insurance policies operate and provide cover for claims made during an active policy period.  If you move to a new insurer on this basis then if even a claim is notified during the new period of cover for something that happen during cover with the previous insurer, the new insurer will cover it.  This works by operating on a retroactive date, which should be the first date you started a claims made policy, and doesn't change.

Another difference is an occurrence policy will provide the cover you had at the time the claim occurred, whereas a claims made policy gives you the cover you have at the time the claim is notified.  Might not seem relevant, but this means a claims made policy is always up to date with coverage and limits, rather than relying on historical coverage arrangements and limits.


I have been told I will have to pay extra when I retire if I have a claims made policy

The simple answer to this is not with a Dentists ProProtect policy.  The policy we offer, which is provided by CFC Underwriting (a specialist provider of healthcare indemnity), has some of the widest cover available and provides 15 years of additional cover to you when you cease practising with nothing extra to pay.


Does the policy have an advice line?

Yes, the policy we arrange for you has fully qualified legal advisers available 24/7 to answer your queries.  They also act as the claims handler and notification point for claims, making the process seamless. 


Will the policy assist me at GDC hearings or disciplinary proceedings?

Yes it will.  The Legal defence cover provided with the policy will assist you for GDC complaints or disciplinary hearings from the NHS and private work, inquests, criminal proceedings, contract disputes to name a few. 


How secure is the policy you arrange?

We only use insurers with B+ or higher financial ratings to ensure they are a strong and reliable company.  We also ensure that the insurer and or underwriters for the policy have an in depth knowledge of the dental/medical indemnity market and are focused on the long term view for sustainable coverage.

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