Locum Insurance – How elective is elective?

When I hear the phrase “elective surgery” I usually think that the procedure is not really necessary but the person has decided to have the procedure for whatever reason. How wrong could I be?

Recently I saw a claim where the GP of the person claiming and the person claiming described the claim as “elective surgery”.  As the claim being made related to a Locum Insurance policy the claim was initially declined.  I haven’t yet come across a Locum Insurance policy that covers “elective surgery”.

A classic example of “elective surgery” is the removal of the gall bladder to rid the patient of pain.  The patient could not have the gall bladder removed and as such the pain would continue.  Fortunately at Medical Insurance Consultants (MIC) we have specialist insurers and claims managers who differentiate between “elective surgery” where the surgery is cosmetic and what I describe as “sensible elective surgery” where there is no cosmetic element to it.  It is for the patients health and wellbeing.

If you need to claim on your Locum Insurance policy and you feel that the word “elective” is being used, make sure that there is a full explanation from your GP/Surgeon/Physician as to why the procedure is being carried out.

This is another good example of how £000s could be lost when trying to claim on your Locum Insurance policy.

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