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Q: Can I increase the level of cover for my Locum Insurance policy mid term?

A: Yes you can at any time, but you will have to complete a new application form for the extra benefit that you require and terms will be given on that increase.

Q: Do I have to employ a Locum?

A: No, if your partners take over your sessions the benefit is still payable.

Q: How long can I claim for under the Locum Insurance Policy?

A: You can claim for up to 52 weeks less the deferment period you select.

Q: Is stress, anxiety and depression cover included in the Locum Insurance Policy?

A: Stress, anxiety and depression are included within the Locum Insurance Policy as standard.

Q: What should I include when thinking about my buildings sum insured?

A: It should include the repair or replacement of the main fabric of the practice building or buildings. It should also cover walls, gates, car parks, roads, paths and underground service pipes and cables within the property.

Q: Do you have a range of Locum Insurance (Absence) policies?

A: Yes we do. We were one of the first companies to introduce specialist Locum Insurance to medical practices some 14 years ago. Since then we have developed a full range of Locum/Absence policies that can deal with almost all situations.

Q: With your Locum insurance can I select the covers that I want?

A: Yes you can. We were the first company to introduce this facility 5 years ago.

Q: Is the Locum Insurance restricted to Partners?

A: No. We can include any employee of the practice.

Q: Do you have a range of Surgery Property Insurance?

A: Yes to cover most types of situations – From the largest hospitals/clinics to the smallest practice.

Q: Does your Surgery Property Insurance include Employers and Public Liability?

A: Yes. It is included automatically.

Q: Does your Surgery Property Insurance cover "Walk in Theft"?

A: Yes. You will get “All Risks Cover” which includes accidental damage and "walk in theft."

Q: Do you offer a No Claims Discount?

A: Yes we do. We believe that there should be a difference in premiums between Practices/Individuals that claim and those that don’t. We were the first company, some 10 years ago to introduce a No Claims discount for both Locum/Absence Insurance and Surgery Property Insurance.

Q: Have you other discounts that I can claim?

A: Yes. We introduced a valued Client Discount for clients who have more than one policy with us. We introduced this discount some 10 years ago.

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